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Septic Pumping

Whether its required by your county, or its just "been a long time since it was done", everyone needs a tank pumped at some point. Tank level high and alarms going off?
 J & G septic can come pump your tank out and give you an assessment of your system.  Our technicians are trained for every type of system, and can help you determine what is going on with yours quickly and efficiently.

The damage from a backed up septic system can be costly and ruin property value. 

Here are a few quick signs to help you designate when its time to call J & G Septic Service:

-Back up in your home.

-Odors outside your residence.

-Higher wastewater usage for a period of time causes a backup (ie: visiting family or friends etc) 

-Abundance of wetness around clean-out, over your tank or drain-field.

-Leaky faucets, running commodes, or malfunctioning water softeners.

You may experience one or a few of these problems at a time. We are here 6 days a week to address all these needs, but remember regular maintenance and pumping can prevent backups. 

Calls us today with any questions and schedule your service visit 540-671-3960.

What you need to know....

As a homeowner there are a few key things you should know about your septic....

-Septic tanks should be pumped at least every 5 years, most counties in our service area require this and will send out letters. 

-Never divert or add extra water loads to or towards  your system, adding yard drainage or adding a bathroom that your home is not rated for can cause your system to fail.

-Know what type of system you have

-Know where your system components are

-Always used a licensed septic handler to pump, work on, or replace system components


We can repair and replace pumps for sewers and septic systems, floats and switches, new pit plumbing, control panels and wiring, lids (concrete or plastic), tanks, pump chambers, and distribution boxes. Our technicians will provide a system check on all service calls and can replace any aspect of your current system.

We are trained on and licensed for all system types. Alternative systems require extra attention! We provide filter cleaning, run time setting, and electronic filling per county. These also require annual inspections which we do as well (see inspections section of the website) contact us today to schedule an appointment 


Septic tanks do not stay empty long after pumping

We have had some questions about this recently I wanted to share this to clear up a lot of confusion on tank cleaning.....

Septic tank fantasy No. 1: we need to pump out the septic tank whenever the septic tank gets full


A septic tank in normal use is always full, right up to the bottom of the outlet pipe (near the top of the tank). After pumping it out completely, an empty septic tank fills up again under normal usage in just a few days, after which it is again discharging liquid effluent to the absorption field, soakaway bed or leach field - names vary by country.

In a normally-working conventional septic tank we find wastewater, or "blackwater": a combination of watery sewage effluent, a floating scum layer at the tank top (in Austraila the "scum blanket", and settled sludge in the bottom of the tank.

If as in the sketch above we could see a cross section of the septic tank contents (if we wanted to) we would know when pumping the septic tank is actually necessary based on its sludge and scum layers - that is, based on data instead of either theory or wild arm-waving.

A septic pump-out is needed when the thickness of the floating scum layer and settled sludge layer occupy so much of the tank volume that the free liquid area is "too small" - the "net free area" has become so small that

the EFFLUENT RETENTION TIME, the time that wastewater has in the tank to allow for solids and floating scum to separate from effluent being discharged to the drainfield (soakaway in the U.K.) is too short. This gives new meaning to time is short, right?

Short septic tank effluent retention time means we're pushing solids into the drainfield, clogging it up & shortening its remaining life.

Two valid septic tank cleaning approaches involve either using

Counties who STRONGLY regulate septic maintenance

Counties that require septic pumping every 5 years, failure can result in fines:

Prince William



Counties that enforce yearly inspections of alternative systems and Sampling requirements by the state of VA:

 Prince William 



Fairfax county also requires yearly flow diversion valve turning


All counties in our service area recommend these services and are going to enforce them in their own right. These are strictly the counties that go above and beyond tracking these services.