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Septic Pumping

Whether its required by your county, or its just "been a long time since it was done", everyone needs a tank pumped at some point. Tank level high and alarms going off?
 J & G septic can come pump your tank out and give you an assessment of your system.  Our technicians are trained for every type of system, and can help you determine what is going on with yours quickly and efficiently.

The damage from a backed up septic system can be costly and ruin property value. 

Here are a few quick signs to help you designate when its time to call J & G Septic Service:

-Back up in your home.

-Odors outside your residence.

-Higher wastewater usage for a period of time causes a backup (ie: visiting family or friends etc) 

-Abundance of wetness around clean-out, over your tank or drain-field.

-Leaky faucets, running commodes, or malfunctioning water softeners.

You may experience one or a few of these problems at a time. We are here 24hrs, 7 days a week to address all these needs, but remember regular maintenance and pumping can prevent backups. 

Calls us today with any questions and schedule your service visit 540-671-3960.

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We can repair and replace pumps for sewers and septic systems, floats and switches, new pit plumbing, control panels and wiring, lids (concrete or plastic), tanks, pump chambers, and distribution boxes. Our technicians will provide a free system check on all service calls and can replace any aspect of your current system.

We are trained on and licensed for all system types. Alternative systems require extra attention we provide filter cleaning, run time setting, and electronic filling per county. These also require annual inspections which we do as well (see inspections) contact us today to schedule an appointment 


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